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Business Innovation Evangelist

Hi there, I’m Csaba glad to have you here.

I believe in ethical value driven business and digital innovations by harmonising Customer ExperienceOperational EfficiencyDigital StrategyTechnical Roadmap

be bold. be innovative. be strategic.
I believe and pursue that technology changes our life for the better. The success of long-term prosperity rest on businesses’ ability to elevate the human experience and evolve our world. Therefore, I see nothing else more important, than combining and bringing business and technology into a balanced and harmonic fusion.

Innovation has to be value-driven

Let there be change.

New ideas pop up every second. Simply asking the customers what they want is not innovation, we need to understand them and invent the value.

The value of an idea, lies in its use

Innovation is bringing about the new.

It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen. The mission is implemented usable better ways.

Moving from tech to outcome generation

It’s about digital culture.

It’s not about adopting tech for the sake of adopting it. Tech is only one of the stepping stones to be digital. We need to revamp the whole ecosystem.

Humane innovation to nurture a beautiful future

Ethical innovation is the only way.

Innovations and tech need to be (re)coded and (re)aligned with humanity’s best interests. What we leave behind should be more than just cool but ethical inventions.

My mental fortress of solitude.
challenging common business and digital misconceptions...
My Digital Content Garden

Driving Innovation

At Agilisys, I’m helping organisations to embark upon their digitalisation, get the most of their technology investment, transform the way they do business and inspire their people to deliver business outcomes.

Writing a Book

Guide and practical tools to manage customer experience in the Agile fashion. Focusing on how to bring about business innovation, products and services which is wanted by customers.


A “Always questioning” & “always evolving” knowledge garden by Csaba, where business and digital professionals from any part of the globe can find inspiration, knowledge, practical tips and constructive critiques.

Hillside Clubhouse

Providing resource for people with mental health problems that makes social inclusion and participation in everyday life a reality.

Future Men

Supporting boys and men from childhood to 25+ to help them become dynamic and healthy future men.

British Computer Society

Contributor at Consultancy, Business Architecture and Agile Professionals chapters.  


Project Lead of SPRY Business Analysis.

AI for Good Community

Contributor to intelligent, ethical and scalable technologies for a better, fairer world.


Contributor to individual projects together and AI Patterns and New Innovations topics.

I’m a business innovation evangelist with experience in creating and evolving digital organisations by operational change and technology. I love working with business leads to exploit organisational models and enterprise tech for creating value.

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